Friday, July 15, 2011

Cars should be banned from city centres - Sifa

Nowadays, people cannot live without automobiles. We can see that, some people especially who live in urban areas have more than one cars in their home. A rise number of vehicles in the major city will lead to several problems. One way to reduce the number of automobiles is to prohibit it from town.

First of all, more cars in town resulted in traffic jam. Everybody is using their own vehicle to office or take their children to school. The problem becomes worse especially during peak hour. Secondly, plenty of cars in major road can cause accident. The risk of accident occurs is higher due to the difficulties driving in congested area. In addition, we also can reduce the level of air pollution if automobiles are prohibit to major cities. This is because, emission from exhaust contains carbon monoxide and it will contribute to the green house gases.

However, some people think that this is not a best solution to solve the problem. Motor vehicles are not allow to town mean that we must use public transport to commute from one place to another. A lot of time will be wasted, while waiting bus and train because the system is not effisyen. Furthermore, using public transport in rush hour is not comfortable for those who do not like crowd. It is also can lead to crime, such as pick-pocket, snatch thief and so on.

Inevitably, automobiles are essential to everyone. Prohibit cars from major city is not a good way to overcome this issue. Therefore, government should take their role to solve this problem.


  1. Sifa,

    Well done, another good essay!

    It's passive coming up again. Passive is used a lot in formal, academic writing so it's useful to spend some time on it.
    'are prohibit'
    'are not allow'.

    Watch you spelling - 'effisyen' - BM?!

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